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A pair of curved fern motif handrails commissioned by a client who also commissioned three gates at the same time. My client liked my fern motif but didn't want them to be perfectly symmetrical so requested that one handrail have a little baby leaf added to a post to give it a slight imbalance. I have copied and pasted my client's review on my Google business listing below.

It is not always easy to find dedicated, professional and highly talented people to work with. Joel Tarr is one of them. I have the enormous pleasure of waking up each morning to see the result of his passion and dedication in the form of beautifully simple yet elegant hand rails installed on the steps from my house, and two magnificent gates crafted in Joel's inimitable style. These items garner more attention from visitors than anything else in my home, and I am delighted to be able to let people know who was behind the design, the making and the installation. All done with immaculate attention to detail. Thank you Joel - I wish you well in your forward endeavours, knowing that you will be successful in anything you turn your hand to.

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